Digital Health

Technology to reach global health equity

Dr Terry Knapp, MD as a plastic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, has given back to medicine and global health through over 35 overseas trips as a volunteer surgeon. He is also an inventor with 16 medical device and technology patents to his name. His entrepreneurial spirit has led to founding 6 successful companies, leading to today being the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CareSpan Health.

Health equity, in technology driven health care delivery, is determined by access to the clinician, specifically communications medical technology. CareSpan Health developed an integrated digital care ecosystem. The architecture of which became, Clinic in the Cloud.

Australia’s digital health push into new national markets

Infection rates following surgical procedure vary across countries, however the causes and the ranges of variation are not well understood.

The causes of the infections are not as high as would be assumed on the surgical procedure, but co-morbidity and lifestyle choices including alcohol consumption may exacerbate risk. As Dr Edmiston states, there are a myriad of causes, and funding is limited in many countries. However there are some solutions, where goals, performance tracking against the goals and better communication is needed.

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