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Content on Global Health Talks website and the through digital media channels is reviewed for relevance to our audience on topics of global interest and importance.

We continuously ensure there is an identified audience for the content.

Global Health Talks programming is assembled in one way only, as a paid talk. This is when YOU approach us to be included into upcoming or new content/segments to create awareness on a health topic where your expertise is recognised.

Current audience reach across Global Health Talks channels can be viewed here. To get on Global Health Talks the cost is calculated based on production effort, organic audience reach and optionally paid audience reach.

If you’d like to be included in upcoming topics or other areas addressed by your organisation, please reach by via the Contact Us page.

Note: Global Health Talks does not carry direct response marketing or advertising.

Michael Lesner

Global Health Talks Host
The London Speaker Bureau has anointed him the world's #1 keynote authority on health innovation.
His PBS series garners over 117,000,000 American viewers and decision-makers.  Another 120,000,000 can access via streaming on Roku, amazonFire and AppleTV. 
For innovation, disruption and transformation in world medicine the messenger is Michael Lesner, YOUR HOST for Global Health Talks.
Global Health Talks hopes to measure some level of equality from Beverley Hills to deepest Africa. We capture these talks to make a difference in how the globe views health. 
From the comparison of health systems across the globe, came a realisation of health inequality across different countries, not just from 1st World to 3rd World, but within each health system. Today, the social determinants of health impact EVERYONE. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world, the need to share health knowledge on infection control, vaccine development and vaccination itself.
Watch Global Health Talks to hear about the challenges as well as the success stories in delivering better health across borders.

Hardeep Girn

Global Executive Producer
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