Technology to reach global health equity

Dr Terry Knapp, MD as a plastic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, has given back to medicine and global health through over 35 overseas trips as a volunteer surgeon. He is also an inventor with 16 medical device and technology patents to his name. His entrepreneurial spirit has led to founding 6 successful companies, leading to today being the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CareSpan Health,

In the talk with friend and Global Health Talks host, Mike Lesner, Dr Knapp discusses how medical information and communication technologies facilitate global health equity.

Health equity, in technology driven health care delivery, is determined by access to the clinician, specifically communications medical technology. CareSpan Health developed an integrated digital care ecosystem. The architecture of which became, Clinic in the Cloud.

CareSpan is looking to transform the way healthcare is delivered and received – by empowering health practitioners with integrated digital tools and capabilities to improve care delivery, and by enabling patients with better information so that they can be more personally engaged and involved in their care.

To arrive at better outcomes management and optimization each of the components form the integrated digital care ecosystem:

– Remote Patient Monitoring
– Digital Encounters Anywhere
– Care Continuity Services
– Patient Portal & Health Information
– Patient Data Analytics

Dr Knapp talks on how the health industry has 3 variables at work – the access to the care, the quality of the delivered care, and the cost of the care itself. The current challenges of these within the US, include access issues where 82 million have poor or no access to primary care providers. Almost 120 million people in the US have inadequate to professional mental and bevariorial care. In the developing world the costs to access adequate health care are even higher.

In the talk, Dr Knapp talks about cleft treatments now being possible with multiple clinicians through the CareSpan Clinic in the Cloud platform. He argues that CareSpan can deliver a health care platform to a world focused on product and service being faster, better and cheaper. Dr Knapp also argues, as costs of care delivery reduce over time, health equity is attainable.

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