Australia’s digital health push into new national markets

Bronwyn Le Grice founded ANDHeath, an Australian Digital Health Accelerator operating as a not-for-profit organisation, with the aim of assembling a diverse skillset and diverse stakeholder base. The aim in doing so, is the decision are much better through diversity.

The base includes medical device manufacturers, software developers, pharmaceutical companies, universities and health data analytics companies. She refers to it as harnessing the collective, or harnessing the power of the collective.

Bronwyn’s background in venture capital gives her an appreciation of the health equation, the companies she brings into ANDHealth. She discusses this with Global Health Talks host Mike Lesner.

Larger established companies can join as paid members to support smaller companies with less than 199 employees. The Australian Government Health Department funds the current ANDHealth program to assist companies that directly provide therapeutics in treating, preventing, mitigating and managing disease.

Typically these companies combine technologies with deep medical research, likely to require validation through clinical trial and taking on regulatory approval protocols to enter major jurisdictions.

Recently awarded AU$19.75M by the Australian Government, Bronwyn is currently setting up an International Advisory Investment Committee to oversee companies that ANDHealth selects and supports. She sees it as creating an engine room of expertise. The committee members originate primarily from the US but also UK and Europe. As a female founded accelerator, ANDHealth also have 50% female representation in the committee.

Earlier this year, formed a partnership with US Anthem’s Digital Incubator. Bronwyn closes off the talk emphasising Australia’s digital health push into new national markets.

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