In this Global Health Talk, Mike Lesner speaks with Dr Anthony Chang, the Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer (CIIO) at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California. Dr Chang is also the founder of AI-Med, established to taken on health challenges, define AI enabled solutions and create an efficient workplace, with patient outcomes at its core.

Currently working back in the clinic as a pediatric cardiologist after a year in telehealth, Dr Anthony Chang is investigating the short and medium impacts of COVID-19. Another area of focus is using AI, “Swarm Learning” and other technologies to share pediatric cardiology information, such as electronic records or images across health systems in the US and across other countries.

Dr Chang talks about the access to accurate and abundant data not necessarily giving insights, including the challenges in generalising implementations across healthcare settings.

Conversational AI is a concept that Dr Chang believes comes with clinicians trusting the AI technology used to treat their patients. Whilst they may not understand how AI works, the trust has developed to be able to consider it in diagnosis and treatment. Dr Chang believes democratizing medical knowledge is key in building consumers trust, knowledge and behavior in technologies such as AI.

Dr Chang sees the trends in clinician uptake of AI being over time but used to address today’s health issues. None more so than needing to address COVID reducing life expectancy for current generation of 1-5 years.

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